Friday, May 6, 2011


I accidentally spoiled the midway point Infinite Space for someone this morning, but I didn't even know anyone actually played that game or had even bought it, how was I supposed to know

for some reason lately i've been playing and replaying lots of my ds games, i always had a lot of weird ones cause I used to preorder lots of games at gamestop then would cancel my preorder and buy whatever game I could find off the shelf, but those games usually sucked or were impossible

where the fuck am i supposed to go, this is the first goddamn level, why has no one made a walk-through

a few games I've replayed were, Rondo of swords, which I remember I thought was really hard, and then it turned out to be really hard.  I've replayed Infinite Space, which is my second or third favorite ds game. scifi is the only thing I trust sega to do anymore, I hope pso2 is good.  I just did another play through of Princess Debut, a game I preordered and bought on launch, I really liked it for some reason, I did another liam run.

oh u
after I finished I thought it was a bit weird all three games had some character who definitely wouldn't mind some incest, but its actually okay cause in Rondo cause they're not actually related, also I guess you could kill your sister in Rondo too (THAT'LL STOP HER FROM LIKING YOU), and in Infinite Space Kira did [SPOILERS REDACTED] and in Princess Debut there wasn't really a mention of incest, though you could tell, doesnt matter now though